Making the Most of Discovery—Primo Today and in the Future – SESJONEN UTGÅR, FLYTTES TIL TIRSDAG kl 1140 – 1300

Speaker: Tamar Sadeh. Location: Sesjon 2.

Discovery systems have become the norm for the academic community. As these systems mature, new possibilities are emerging that enable the systems to leverage the unique technological and content infrastructure that is now available. In today’s vast high-quality, well-structured information landscape, the combination of massive computing power and sophisticated algorithms can generate structures and build relationships between data elements. With the addition of advanced integration capabilities, new types of interfaces and services are now becoming feasible.

This presentation will describe recent enhancements to the Ex Libris Primo solution and illustrate various ways in which institutions have leveraged its capabilities. The talk will then focus on the Ex Libris plans for next-generation discovery and delivery.